Thursday, July 7, 2016

Two and 1/2

Today you would be two and a half years old, Zachary.  Your half birthday.  Thirty months since that amazing day.   

It's the kind of day the four of us would celebrate together more subtly, quietly amazed at how much you'd grown in half a year.  If you were here. 

A special day for you, halfway to age five.  Not even a blip on anyone else's radar.  Our little secret.  If you were here. 

I miss you, love, your milestones, more than I can articulate.

C.T. and I painted these stones for you today, to add to your garden.  You are our sunshine and our heart.    



  1. Thinking of you and your family. Remembering your dear Zachary today. Such beautiful stones for the little boy who is your sunshine and your heart.

  2. Sending many many thoughts to Zachary and your family. I so wish you could celebrate with him, lightly and freely.

  3. The Zachary stones are lovely. It's easier and harder as the time goes on. I find myself thinking of my Heidi who would be just about 13 months as that age now. I wonder if you think of Zachary like that too? The milestones we are missing. It hurts so badly. Thinking of you, Kim