Friday, June 27, 2014

A photo post

I realized that the only photo of Zachary on my blog - my profile photo - is from the day he died, at two weeks old.  There are fewer photos from his first week (of health) because we were told not to bother his eyes with the camera flash, that we'd have a lifetime of moments with him to capture on camera.  In hindsight, of course, it pains me to have so few photos from that first week, when Zachary's health was stable and improving, his outlook so promising.  Below are a few favorites of my sweet, healthy, Zachary...

My Zachary, on the day he was born


Snug in his isolette and holding my finger


Zachary and mommy, on his fourth day of life
That's all.  I miss him so much. 


  1. Oh, your beautiful little sweetheart...oh. I wish he was here. I wish, I wish, I wish.

    He could not be dearer.

    Why? Why did things have to go the way they did?

    I hate it for you.


  2. He's precious. I love the photo of you holding him. Little darling.

  3. Adorable. Did he look like his big brothers?

    1. Thank you. Zachary did look a lot like his brothers. In putting newborn photos of C.T. (our living son) next to photos of Zachary, the resemblance is incredible.