Sunday, May 4, 2014


My soul cries out

What is left?

Those who love and care for us

would prefer I don't speak it.

Well... you, and B and C.T., of course.

You're still here.

You must go on and live for each other.

Yes, I say - I know and we will.

But we cower in fear,

huddled together for protection.

Who will be next?

What if C.T. doesn't make it through his teen years?

Only 60% of our family still stands. 


  1. This makes me so sad and mad. Life is not fair, it is not good to all.
    I'm sorry you are in a position to make such a harsh assessment. I wish i had strength to spare, all i have is anger.

  2. Oh, yes.

    Horrifying blows, no longer seen from a distance. Nightmare becomes reality. Trauma comes and stays.

    Never, ever - never now can someone say

    Peace and safety
    All will be well
    Don't worry
    It won't happen to you

    The weight of those lies
    once believed
    never will
    lull me
    (again) to

    As to where faith fits in these questions
    I'm sure I have
    no neat and
    tidy answers to

    Remembering Zachary. Remembering B.W. And all of you.

    You can say it here,